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Debauchery Couples & Ladies-only Swingers Party
Saturday, August 17, 2019   9pm
Details: Debauchery is one of the most popular swingers party in Melbourne, with around 80-100 people attending on average during Summer, and between 70-90 in winter. On the nights we run, we get more couples than all other parties running in Melbourne that night combined. There tends to be roughly equal numbers of people in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Debauchery is run as a private club and we will only issue invitations to potential new members after we have talked with you in person or by phone and we feel that you would enjoy the experience, and that our other members would enjoy having you there. Having said that, we always endeavour to allow as many new couples and women as possible to attend.
Venue: The venue varies between 3 different premises, but usually in the Inner/Mid SE suburbs or North Eastern suburbs. Contact us for the venue details this weekend
Cost: $50 per couple
$25 per single female
Bookings: This party is on Saturday August 17th. Previous attendees may book by email, while newbies must phone us on 03-9570-6159. Please note that our phone number has recently changed. First timers are STRONGLY urged to call us prior to party day, as we do have a non-discriminatory vetting process that may not be able to be completed after 3pm on party day. We are completely unable to accept bookings from first timers after 6pm on party day.
Dress Code: Erotic only (generally lingerie for women & g-string/underwear for guys)
Rules: Guests must bring their own drinks with them (but no red pre-mixed drinks are allowed - they kill the carpets!), as well as towels if they wish to use the large heated spa.

On arrival, guests must change straight away. Most then get a drink from whatever it is that they’ve brought with them, and then meet others in the lounge area. For the first couple of hours it’s very similar to a ‘normal’ kind of party except that everybody’s standing around half undressed, or they’re naked if they’re in the spa. The venue is fully centrally heated, so no matter how cold it is outside, it’ll be toasty warm indoors.

About 11.00pm the sex tends to start happening. It’s not compulsory to swing but it is a swinger’s party so most people do, but if you just want to watch the action that’s fine. You’re free to do as little or as much as you like. People are friendly without being pushy.

Smokers cannot smoke in the main party area and must go to a special area reserved for that. We supply condoms and lube but whether or not people choose to use them is entirely up to themselves.

At least 30% of women who attend our parties are bisexual so there’s plenty of opportunity for bi-curious women to expand their horizons.

No single guys allowed.
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