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The Monkey Club
Saturday, June 6, 2020   9:30pm
Details: TheMonkeyClub holds quality rather than quantity parties at a 5 star venue located in an inner East suburb in Melbourne.

On arrival you will be greeted by your hosts and given a "detailed" tour of the venue and then introduced to your fellow guests. Then the next two hours are yours to unwind, socialise and get rid of some of those nerves (yes they are normal or you wouldn't be human),

The beautiful 5 star environment is filled with imported furniture and paintings from around the world, beautiful king and queen sized beds throughout the play areas and our infamous 1960s Austin Powers style round bed, and so many other beautiful and erotic items too numerous to mention.

Needless to say the eclectic and lush surroundings add to the atmosphere which is why
after 14 years and over 280 parties, our guests tell us we hold "simply the best /quality over parties in Melbourne".

GIRLS/COUPLES 20s/30s (Max age 38)

Unlike many other parties we vet ALL of our invited guests and this ensures a quality party with people you will enjoy playing with. The emphasis is on girls playing with girls and couples swapping.

TheMonkeyClub is first timer friendly however 90% of people play on their first night, due to the QUALITY of the guests and the very seductive environment.

Check out the review which Chantelle Austin posted about TheMonkeyClub which is sponsored by Adult Match Maker. AMM has personally checked out this luscious venue and they think Chantelle has perfectly captured the seductive atmosphere.
Chantelle Austin's Party Review

Venue: Eastern suburbs
Cost: Provided on application.
Contact Info: You can contact us via email or via our website.
You can also contact us through our Adult Matchmaker group profile: THEMONKEYCLUB. You will see a Free Message button on our profile.
Bookings: All first time guests must apply and follow our strict vetting process. Please refer to the Screening Process Requirements page on our website for detailed information and ensure you follow all the instructions carefully.
Dress Code: Sexy
Rules: Be mindful of the vetting process that everyone is put through
Contact Email:
Website: Click here to visit website
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